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This is the greatest place I have ever been to. Each practitioner has their own style but this is Truly an Austin example of helping people and being rewarded for your good deeds.

I could not continue with treatments elsewhere because both my husband and myself lost our jobs. I am so grateful for NAP and how it has helped me stay off of medications that the western doctors had me hooked on for years. I have sacrificed paying some bills to be able to spent the time having the sessions that I seriously believe are saving my body and my mind.

Thank you all for your efforts and may you continue to grow and always remember the treasure you are to this community.

By the way, I drive from Round Rock to come and even when gas was over $4.00 I never missed an appointment

Laurie F, Round Rock

I have been going to NAP for about a year, and have had a chance to receive acupuncture from all three practitioners as my work schedule has shifted. Across the board, I have found Tony, Paul and Laura to be truly dedicated to helping others with the energy-balancing skills they have, conscentious, and open-minded about the fact that I use a range of health approaches to stay healthy.

Whether I've been dealing with work stress, muscle pain and tension, or sleep issues, I have always benefited from the acupuncture sessions and herbal supplements available at NAP. Their holistic healing approach also helped a friend who visited the Project while recovering from the flu.

Barbra Ana, Austin

Is three cheers enough?

After years of recommendations from friends and family, to explore acupuncture, I encountered NAP and it's changed my life. I've lost approximately 30lbs (and more importantly, kept it off), had more energy and just feel better in general. The hours are very convenient, the providers are friendly and excellent and the location is perfect. Thank You NAP!

-Jeff B. (Austin, Tx)

Western medicine was unable to help me with two chronic health issues although I endured many years of massive doses of drugs, several doctors, dozens of tests, and a couple of operations. I have been seeing Tony at NAP for about a year and my symptoms have improved so much that I completely forget them at times. Tony is very good at helping my mental approach and I always feel good after a treatment.

-Howie M. (Austin, Tx)

I've been addicted to many things in my life, but acupuncture, by far, is the most beneficial.

It's like voodoo magic!

But seriously, my experiences at NAP have really helped me out. I love having this alternative to "western" medicine. My acupuncture and herbs have done wonders from a variety of problems ranging from stress and anxiety to a twisted ankle to tinnitus. The affordability of NAP makes it possible for me to receive this treatment and it's an overall super environment! I am seriously stoked to have NAP in my neighborhood. Live long and prosper!


Amy M (Austin, Tx)

NAP has a very comfortable environment with amazingly dedicated practitioners. They have helped me with everything from allergies to acute/chronic pain management and chronic disease. I don't know how I would manage without them - the treatment is priceless!

- DLM, RMT (Austin,Tx)

I have been receiving treatment from the practitioners at NAP for about 3 mos now. NAP's practitioners are highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, non-judgemental and professional. They work with each patient to create an individual treatment plan. Above all I respect their mission to provide healthcare to the whole community, especially for a treatment that is normally only available to those in higher income brackets. I truly enjoy the group setting and find that my appointments are time to relax and let go. I only hope that the incredible resource that NAP is..gets out and that many members of our community are able to experience the benefits of acupuncture, whether for preventive or acute care, that NAP can help provide.

-Zoe K ( Austin, Tx)

I came to get acupuncture to appease my daughter. She has been after me for years to go. Laura did my acupuncture and another treatment. I was very relaxed and would try it again. The 2 hrs went by very quickly. Thank You Laura.

- H. Ginsberg (Atlanta, GA)