*special edition for coronavirus/COVID19: 

many healthcare professionals in China who have actively been treating this virus report that it largely falls in a "DAMP/COLD" type pattern.  Most of the way Western Medicine and Modern TCM herbalists are accustomed to treating infectious disease addresses "WIND/HEAT" patterns.  Many of the "anti viral" herbs that are being promoted are cold and bitter in nature, so please be careful if you are D.I.Y. "ing" it.  For example, Elderberry is sweet and has the potential to make a cold/damp environment worse. The important thing is to make sure your body's process can move phlegm/damp.  Mid range spices that aid digestion, like clove, ginger, cumin, fennel are helpful.  Avoid eating damp producing foods like sugar/wheat/junk food/fast food and complicated meals.  Keep your diet simple.  Have a daily exercise routine to keep your body from becoming sluggish.  These are just guidelines and not rigid.   Classical Chinese Medicine is not looking at how to treat a particular type of pathogen, but to focus on what in the body is not working.  This is different from person to person.  This is only meant to bring awareness that just because something like "Wellness Formula" always worked before, doesn't mean it will work now and can potentially make it worse.  


The standing eight brocades qigong set includes exercises to calm the mind, stretch your body, strengthen the teeth, improve digestion, heal the internal organs, boost your immunity and much more. ...
You'll enjoy reduced stress, a stronger immune system and a deeper awareness of your mind, body and spirit.   THIS VIDEO IS FROM MASTER WUDANG BING OF WUDANG MOUNTAIN.


      FOR BIO:




Here is an explanation of qi gong in general and the eight brocades specifically.  It breaks down each of the movements so that you can understand what your intention should be with each movement.


For more specific qi gong for the Lungs and Immune System, try this lovely form.

Immune Boost Qigong routines stimulate the function of the Lungs and activate the Yang Qi in order to circulate the Wei Qi (defensive Qi). Performing these self-healing routines enable you to administer your own "Qigong Flu Shot" for defensive help

in the upcoming cold & flu season. Immune Boost Qigong theory and routines from the LIng Gui International Healing Qigong School, demonstrated by Master Liu He.



Here are some great points to help build your immune system and are great at preventing colds/flu.

  • Due to it's warming nature, I recommend using an essential oil blend like Thieves (cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon) or single essential oils like Rosemary or Oregano. 
  • During cold/flu season,  you can do this routine every 2-4 hrs.
  • Rub each point (bilaterally when not on the center of the body) for 30 seconds and move to the next.


Start at Kidney 27.  This is particularly great for people prone to Upper Respiratory Infections.  It will help the Kidneys to “grasp the Lung Qi” which help more oxygen to circulate through  the lungs.   



Large Intestine 11: Pool at the Bend! This point is great for reducing heat in the body whether it’s from sunburn or fever; however, when combined with Stomach 36 (below) it really increases vitality.   


Lung 7: As the “Command Point” of the Head and Posterior neck, Lung 7 is great at keeping pathogenic invasions from entering the “Wind Gate”.   For more info on the concept of “Wind” in Chinese Medicine, read


DU 14: The Great Hammer!  This is where all of the Yang Channels of the body converge and is great for expelling pathogens and strengthening the Yang…which is a huge immune boost.
Stomach 36: Leg 3 Mile: There is an old belief in Chinese Medicine that if you burn moxa every day on ST 36 after the age of 40, when you are old, you will walk 3 more miles than everyone else your age!  This is a wonderful point for vitality and building blood.










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